You’ve realized that being absent from social media is a competitive disadvantage and you’re ready to dive into the pool and splash with the digital natives. You want to post tomorrow, without giving any thought to where, why, and how. Social media is sophisticated and jumping in before you have a plan is just plain Crazytown.

Before you invest your time and resources in social media, you’ll need a roadmap, a scalable plan that will adapt to the fluid environment of social and grow as you grow. Our social media strategy creates a framework, guidelines, and identifies your social media potential. Aligning with your corporate objectives and marketing plan, we audit your assets, discuss tactics and best social channels for your business, and set up benchmarks and outcomes. A social media strategy will arm you with floaties, sunscreen, and everything you need for success. We’ll be your lifeguard, making sure you stay far away from the deep end until you’re ready.

We offer ongoing strategic guidance to our social media management clients.

Strategic consultation is perfect for any sized business that needs an outside and experienced opinion, a little “this way” direction as to which way to go. While consultation is used before venturing into social, it is also appropriate “during” to help formulate campaigns, refine an existing strategy, respond to the latest shift on social, or develop more advanced tactics, tracking, and metrics.

Social Media Audit
Is there buzz around your business? What platforms are your competitors using? Can your customers easily find you online? Who is talking about you, to you? Who influences you and whom do you influence? Not sure where to start or where you stand? Our comprehensive audit of your online presence and the health of your existing social profiles will guide you to optimize your potential.

Strategic Plan
A social strategy scopes out your competitors; concentrates your mission and messaging, identifies the values and online behaviors of your audience, and creates confidence to build mindshare within your organization. Identifying your community potential, a strategy also defines your goals and outcomes, assets, metrics, tactics, and best social channels for your business.

We offer a 25% discount on a strategic plan when paired with a 12-month platinum business plan.

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