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From hospitals to hotels, food to fashion, our social content sticks. With attention spans shrinking and competition growing, we make every post count. Bringing your brand to life, our wordsmiths craft bite-sized glimpses into your business with irresistible content that’s not just seen, it’s shared. And, we write the best “why buy here” messages on the planet!

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Hospitality / Hotels

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Healthcare / Caregiving

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Tourism / Destination

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Restaurant / Food

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Retail / Product

Chocolate Farm


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Business / HR

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We nurture your online community

The superstars of social are companies that not only listen, but enthusiastically join the conversation. From reviews to private messages, we coordinate with your team to create a seamless and stellar customer service experience. With deep respect for your fans and followers, we show them you care because we care. We listen, we entertain, we become a friend, and you grow… A LOT!

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Hunch? Guesswork? Nope, it’s results through data

Knowing what works (and what doesn’t) is key to getting the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to social media marketing. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a mom and pop, ROI matters. The value of social media is much more than impressions. Let us show you.

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Content Development

Social content is your ultimate currency, and why people align with you. A integral part in managing any social media profile, Driven by metrics and inspired by your audience, we bring stellar content into the world.

Content Publishing

Planning social content and its implementation is our jam. Using intelligence, we post at the right time and target the right people for maximum engagement.

Customer Service

We’re masters at mirroring sentiment, embracing the pleasure, and creating connection. If pain, we manage that too. Social customer care is where you really shine online.

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Gwen Woltz
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Diedre Chase
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Emily Beth Beacham
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Tara Coomans
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Adapting to COVID-19: Hawaii’s Superstars

August 4th, 2020|Comments Off on Adapting to COVID-19: Hawaii’s Superstars

“The key to success is often the ability to adapt.” —Anthony Brandt With COVID-19 shaking up our lives the past few months, adaptability has been the name of the game. The willingness to [...]

Wahine Media is your social media team down the hall. Their team is engaging, creative, focused, experienced and dedicated to formulating a personalized plan for each and every one of their clients. We have seen a spike in our social media platforms since we’ve hired Wahine Media, and we are excited to see what new limits we can reach together in the future. Cheers to Wahine Media for all their hard work promoting Kōloa Rum.

Nikki Munroe, Kōloa Rum Company

I was concerned whether an outside consultant could really “get” my business, but Wahine Media brought focus, dedication, and fresh ideas to my project every step of the way. It’s extremely rare to find a team that is savvy, energetic, and really enjoys what they do. I have worked with Wahine Media on several projects and they always exceed my expectations. They know just the right amount of follow-up to keep a project on track, but not so much that it becomes a burden.

Laura K. Kinoshita, Kinoshita Communications LLC

Wahine Media is everything I’d hoped for and more. I was really impressed with their lightning-quick understanding of our company brand, our objective and goals, and their ability to produce original, clever and impactful posts week after week. Whether through our social channels or our email program, they are brilliant at transforming our ideas into outstanding social media content. Our social profiles have literally exploded (in a good way), providing real-time metrics that clearly demonstrate the constant value they’re delivering to our company. Mahalo nui loa. Keep on making us shine online!

Wahine Media has been great for the growth of Bishop & Company! Spearheading our social media efforts these past five years, they allowed us to focus on what we do best, staffing. As leaders in the social media marketing industry, they are extremely professional, clever, energetic, and eager to help. Their team is a perfect blend of high-level creativity with an expert level of strategic thinking, and their talent and technique top of the heap. Definitely the best social media management agency in Hawaii. We’d recommend Wahine Media in a heartbeat!

Judy Bishop, Bishop & Company

I’ve had the pleasure to utilize Wahine Media on several occasions and I’ve never been disappointed. Wahine Media really knows how to execute a campaign. And because of there knowledge and endless enthusiasm for their clients, they make excellent brainstorming partners!

Tara Coomans, Poodle Mafia

Wahine Media was absolutely wonderful when I decided to upgrade the blog for Hawaii Military Pets. Since I have a limited understanding of HTML and web design, they were able to expertly and patiently guide me through the process and answer my endless questions. I learned so much by working with them, and we now have a professional design that matches the content. They are so caring, kind and deliver excellent results.

We love working with Wahine Media. They designed a terrific website for us,, for the Peace Pilot project. It looks great, is easy to navigate, and tells a great story. Karen and Gwen are fantastic to work with, and we will definitely hire and refer them for more blog and website design for ourselves and our clients.

Shirley Thompson, Chop Chop Media

Sending out a “digital hug” to @wahinemedia for their help on @FamilyProgramsHI social media strategy!

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