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Like wise women of old who gathered to share their stories around the fire, we sat cross-legged near the bottom boughs, Lychee martini in one hand and eggroll in the other, and shared our vision of what a perfect business would look like. Karen started the conversation with a simple concept and one by one each woman added another aspect, a tweak, a bolder vision until finally the last drop of inspiration was delivered and we all sat staring as if gobsmacked. Faces glowing not from twinkle lights and alcohol, but from shared delight and revelation, a seed of possibility began to take root. Wahine Media was conceived in love and laughter at a “Girlfriends’ Night Out” Christmas party and is now one of the largest social media agencies in Hawaii.

Based in Honolulu, with offices in California, our “social only” business has grown not only in size and scope, but in talent. In business 10 years—a lifetime in dog and digital years—we’ve had an opportunity to be social media thought leaders, to create social ecosystems, train and shepherd global markets, and perfect brand storytelling and distribution. Social may be no joke, but we wear an ear-to-ear smile every day.

Our Why

As a women-owned business and celebrating our unique skills as women—our natural ability to socialize and our innate desire to nurture—we set out to create a culture where we would not only nurture and grow others, but grow and stretch ourselves as well. Embracing everything it means to be a woman, our truth was that we wanted to live, work and play by our own rules, which for most of us meant never donning a business suit again. Having removed the barriers in our own lives, we now teach businesses to remove theirs. We are devoted to coaxing businesses into their awesome!
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What We Do

At Wahine Media, we are into the humanization of business, and the world-changing impact social media has in this relationship economy. As strategic consultants, we help changemakers understand the power of social and our implementation teams get their message out to the world. C-Class to large group, we develop custom training programs. The communities that we touch thrive, and we have the KPIs to prove it! Our clients range from hospitality to healthcare, restaurants to retail, education to startups, nonprofit to HR & staffing, and travel to tourism. If it’s social, we do it.
Our Services

Our Tribe

While our social consortium consists of many, here are the faces you will get to know and adore when you work with us. We are happy and potent contributors working in the spirit of community. Leveraging our intuition, wisdom, resilience, adaptability and compassion, we create places for you to connect and more, to shine.

Karen Weikert
Karen WeikertDirector of Content & Story
Karen is our resident storyteller and chief nurturer. She is the keeper of the brand for our clients and, as mama bear, serves as both muse and guide to our content creators, encouraging them to reach for their most powerful and engaging posts, and then delight in the outcomes. A web designer and end-user architect for over 18 years, she knows what customers want and need to love to a brand.

An author, speaker, coach, radio talk show guest, and instructor, she teaches brand storytelling and businesses/nonprofits how to truly inspire with her 20 Types of Story. A professional member of the Social Media Club Hawaii, and voted one of Hawaii`s Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012, her ability to create connection is evident in her own vibrant audience of over 20,000 #spiritsays™ followers and fans who read her channeled wisdom daily.
@spiritsayshi on Instagram

Gwen Woltz
Gwen WoltzDirector of Digital & Social Marketing
Gwen is a skypuncher! Helping clients to envision their perfect social world, she then maps the quickest and most affordable route to get there. A crackerjack strategist, and one of the leaders of the social media revolution in Hawaii, she has been on the front lines from the beginning and knows what works. Daily, she guides global clients from China to Australia through their social media journey—from best practices to budget—as they embrace new ways to connect with their audience.

A fine art, graphic design and marketing background, in 2009 she followed her passion and co-founded Wahine Media. Board President for Social Media Club Hawaii two years running, a finalist for Pacific Edge Magazine’s Young Professional of the Year, and a presenter at Ignite Honolulu at Punahou, and voted one of Hawaii`s Top 15 Social Media Influencers in 2012. She teaches everything from Social Media Advertising to Killer Campaigns. A highly sought-after instructor, her classes are off the chain!

Isabelle Wilcox
Isabelle WilcoxSocial Media Management Specialist
As a travel-hungry Gen Zer, Isabelle is all about that Digital Nomad life. She understands the importance for brands and individuals alike to utilize social media as a way to share what they’re passionate about and to connect with their target audiences, friends and family, or the world! If she’s not at Virginia Tech, you can find her in Northern Virginia, Florida, Nashville, or some far-away land with strong Wi-Fi. Her favorite things include: beaching, running, good coffee, and petting any dog that crosses her path.
Emily Beth Beacham
Emily Beth BeachamCustomer Satisfaction & Service Specialist
Emily Beth is an avid instagrammer, author-in-progress, and has deep appreciation for a good bowl of pasta. Customer Service is her cup of tea. Combining her love for people with a passion for communication, social media marketing is a world she thrives in. An experienced writer and a talented wordsmith, EB enjoys using those two essential aids in building strong customer relationships. From everyday interactions on social media platforms like Facebook to crisis management and conflict resolution, she views each avenue of social marketing through a personal lens, because at the end of the day, it’s all about people and the bonds we build.

Since studying Business Marketing and Health Promotion at Walla Walla University in Washington State, Emily Beth has spent the last three years in customer service and the service industry. A recently new mother, she spends her “free time” in mom-mode—and it’s a dream come true!


Our hui (partners) are award-winning top-of-class digital marketers. We’re honored to work with these phenomenal people, and more, to call them friends.

Tara Coomans
Tara CoomansAward-Winning PR | Marketing | Branding
Tara’s intelligence includes elegantly aggressive digital marketing, branding, PR and social media for wellness, travel & lifestyle brands. From strategy to implementation, she drives value for client brands, including international brands, political campaigns (mayoral, gubernatorial), agencies, startups from pre-seed to series A and publicly traded businesses. She’s worked with artists, personalities, and authors, and movements and nonprofits such as Code for America, Sierra Club and TedX, and is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from persuasion and digital trends to social media in PR.
Los Angeles
Piia Aarma
Piia AarmaExperienced Imaginative PR | Marketing | Branding
Global changes are shaping the evolution of marketing. Markets and product offerings are more segmented and complicated, and the lines between the original major marketing functions have merged and become blurred. Today’s challenge for businesses and nonprofits is to bring these functions together in harmony and efficiency. Piia is President of Pineapple Tweed PR & Marketing, which specializes in media relations, branding including philosophy and values statements, crisis management, target audience identification, and print, radio and broadcast advertising.
Suzanne Frew
Suzanne FrewCultural Communications | Community Resilience
The Frew Group helps business owners, government officials and community organizations break through communications barriers and build trust with diverse populations. Working with culturally diverse communities to build holistic programs that focus on sustainability and risk resilience in countries all over the world, and served with private and public sector disaster response and recovery teams on domestic and international events. Specialties: strategic communications; community collaboration and engagement; training and exercise; and organizational use of social media.
San Francisco
Keri Setnicka
Keri SetnickaSocial Media Strategist and Manager
Keri is a pun-loving solutionist who shines through establishing strategic social media programs, leading customer service teams, developing complex social advertising campaigns, and strategically designing creative content. Keri thrives on providing clients and their communities a personalized social experience. With over 10 years of experience in customer service, hospitality and tourism, she has conducted workshops on social media and customer service, and has been published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Keri is a multipotentialite with keen interests in traveling, fashion, and fitness.
Amy Baack
Amy BaackCreative Writer
Amy graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Cinema-Television Production and worked in television writing for four years. She now brings that same creative storytelling energy to the small screens! Using words and images to create compelling content that is both authentic and imaginative, she captures hearts and minds daily. When not at her computer, Amy is also a wellness blogger, fitness instructor in San Diego, and makes us smile with her Peach and Corgi adventures.
Rozy Edwards
Rozy EdwardsVisual Journalist
Rozy knows the power of imagery—that today’s audience needs to be inspired first and only then will they read your message. Rozy attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, majoring in Visual Journalism, and her years of travel and time spent behind the lens further developed her storyteller’s intuition. Through multimedia, photography and graphics, she creates a visual representation of client brands that invites the world in. Passions: travel, music, yoga, gardening and the sea.
Denise Laitinen
Denise LaitinenWriter | Instructor
An award-winning writer, Denise specializes in providing compelling content to help businesses engage their customers and grow their online presence. Her work appears regularly in newspapers, magazines, and websites around the country. A seasoned instructor, Denise is a sought-after public speaker and trainer, and this year the Small Business Administration named Denise the Small Business Advocate in Media and Journalism for Hawaii County for her work helping small businesses with social media.
Stephanie Chang Design Ink
Stephanie Chang Design InkStrategic Design That Delights
Our award-winning design solutions help your organization succeed in telling your story and garnering the right support for your programs and initiatives.

We create things that people are attracted to and want to read, use, engage with. This is a hallmark of our design. We push you to ask and answer tough questions so that the design is an effective solution. We understand the right design solution not only satisfies you, it also satisfies your target audience. stephanieink.com

MK Pecjo
MK Pecjo
As a digital marketing professional, I strategize and execute engagement tactics to cultivate growth for brands and online communities. When I’m not working, I am reading with the Bookstagram community and spending time with the most adorable dogs in the world, Pepper and Lulu.
Rob Bertholf
Rob BertholfMarketer | Technologist | SAS/SEO Expert
As a technologist, Rob has architected and developed applications for the Pentagon, Fortune 100 companies, filed a patent (US20060294199) on one of the first Content Management Systems (WebOS) and invented a hyper-contextual community platform. As an organic acquisition focused marketer, early social media adopter twitter.com/Rob is #1 ranked in Google for “Search Engine Optimization Expert” and developed a content framework which maps visitor stage and intent into actionable tactics. Rob is a frequent lecturer for corporate and academic institutions.
San Diego | Honolulu
Laura Nystrom
Laura NystromMarketing Strategist | Crypto Marketer | Producer
Laura is an award-winning communications project manager. A digital marketing, analytics and data visualization enthusiast, she is also a media relations maven and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Consultant, working with to teams to develop authentic Buyer Personas and effective online conversion engines for use in Lifestyle Marketing. As producer of the 5thCrypto Podcast, she shows companies how to convey their value and generate more revenue through the language of sales and the understanding of marketing by tapping into the law of perpetual increase.
Los Angeles
Peter Liu
Peter LiuCEO & Founder at 47scapes
WordPress developer, technical management professional, computer industry veteran, photographer, videographer, scuba diver, CTO & founder of 47scapes, a managed hosting and web development agency, dedicated to providing fully optimized, high performance, and secure services for WordPress websites.

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