Maile as Lady Gaga

A few days ago, one of my fellow Wahine posted on FB and Twitter about the social media genius of Lady Gaga (here it is if you missed it  Now, let’s get something straight – I am NOT a huge Lady Gaga fan.  I admire her stand on many issues (It Gets Better, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), I do think she’s a social media genius, and really, the girl knows how to work a crowd, you know what I mean??  But her music doesn’t thrill me beyond “it’s got a good beat and I can dance too it.”  And this particular wahine is a HUGE fan of the many, many Gaga jokes and puns out there (How does she like her meat? Raw raw raw raw raw raw.)  But you KNOW it’s a Gaga world when this Wahine can be found at the Fashionista’s Market Closet swap dressed as the diva herself.

For those of you who have never heard of Fashionista’s Market – especially if you’re older then 20-ish, worry not.  I became a fan of this great place when they held their second annual closet swap.  GREAT CONCEPT!!  You pay for a ticket at a reasonable price (this year it was $30), and for that low, low price, you get a champagne brunch AND you get to swap clothes with any of the the other roughly 200 women there who are your size.  Before the event, you drop however many items of gently used clothing you’d like with Emi and Alyssa at their cute little shop on Nuuanu, they tell you how many items you have, and that’s how many you can swap out on the day of the Closet Swap. And here’s the COOLEST part – you don’t HAVE to swap as many items as you bring in, because after the swap is pau, they donate all the leftover clothes to the Domestic Violence shelter in Leeward.

The first time I heard of the event I had to do a little inventory…. cleaning out my closet – check.  Shopping – check.  Food and champagne – check.  Helping victims of domestic violence – check.  What is NOT to love?!?!  And on top of all this fabulousness, there are GAMES!!!!!  Every year there has been a fashion show where each table is required to make an outfit out of newspaper and magazines and various other items left on the table based on a theme.  Last year it was Halloween (our table’s Wonder Woman was AWESOME), and this year’s theme – you guessed it, Lady Gaga.  It’s a pretty competitive gig – some of the tables even found ways to incorporate meat (Portuguese sausage) into their outfits.  And as much as I worked the runway, you just can’t compete with someone who has all the Gaga moves down to a science.  I’ll have to work on that.

It was a great time, with some really wonderful women.  I dropped off 24 pieces of clothes, and brought home 9 really nice ones that I will wear for a long time.  Oh, and the dress I was wearing UNDER the Lady Gaga outfit?  I got it at the Closet Swap last year.