high heel with a slash through themBefore I begin, let me just say, for the record, that I LOVE shoes.  And I am talking in a love, would kill for them, I don’t care if they hurt my feet they are totally hot, kind of way. I am talking Carrie Bradshaw (without the bank account), Imelda Marcos (without the abuse of power), Oprah Winfrey (without, well, being Oprah) kind of shoe love. I think Christain Louboutin shoes are some of the sexiest, hottest, most amazing shoes around, and while I do not OWN a pair, I look.  I covet. I drool over them in magazines. I walk by them in Neiman Marcus and need to sit because I am overcome by their red-soled glory.

All that being said – I would love, love, love, love to never have to put on a pair of heels again and be able to work in my pj’s. Give me a pair of pajama pants and a tank top and I am about as comfortable as I am allowed to be without being naked.

And the coolest thing in the world is that people are doing this every day – using social media specifically and the internet in general – people are doing it. Heck, my fellow WAHINE are doing it. With unemployment rate showing no signs of dropping significantly anytime soon, working from home is becoming not only viable option, but also the best option for many folks. Combine that high rate of unemployment with higher gas prices, childcare challenges, and the simple day to day stress of trying balance work and life, working at home is extremely appealing. And let’s not forget that for women in particular, often what we want is not “work-life balance,” but work-life INTEGRATION. Work with your kids running around. Be able to get up and put dinner on while working on a blog or a writing a grant. Get the kids down for the night then spend an hour filing reports.

Of course there are the drawbacks – you really need to be self disciplined. Work has to get done, whether in pj’s or Louboutins, and that takes focus. Those same children that you love having around you will fall, fight, fuss, or otherwise distract you while you’re trying to get work done. Ever try to write a blog while “Toy Story 3” is blaring in the background?  Not so easy. And some people may not think you really work at all – after all, you’re home all day, right? You can’t REALLY be working THAT hard.

The challenges aside – the wahine agree that we would all rather pull on a pair of pj’s rather than try to decide if this skirt matches that blouse. And this endeavor, Wahine Media, is our own personal pajama party. We’re looking forward to having you join us!