Tips to Build a Strong Social Presence through Social Media Content

Businesses are thriving from a strong social media presence and if they have the wisdom to add a customer service component where they are accessible to their customers, they are crushing it. Knowing how to appeal to your audience ultimately means bank, aka more profit. Here are three ways to create stellar social media content ideas for your business:

1. Create Creative Captions like this

Own a restaurant? Posting a picture of a burger with the caption,”Yum. Join us!” isn’t as effective as “What’s your social media beef?” because it’s relevant, short, funny and will engage your audience. You should have a content strategy and plan with your language. Establish a brand voice in order to best represent yourself and you will appeal to customers. Check out a local favorite, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers because they featured a photo of a delicious burger, a cute caption, and used light relevant emoji. Always keep it fresh!

great social media content idea

2. Keep your Audience Entertained

Your social media content should entertain your audience and you to help reach a broader demographic! The main users of social media are millennials, and speaking their language is crucial. The majority of millennials are more attracted to businesses with entertaining posts and pithy captions. This fun and informative Taco Bell Instagram post received over 20,000 likes. Contests that are creative, fun and specific are great ways to excite and engage your audience. Inspire creativity and your fans will be loyal!

taco bell's social media posting

Denny’s is masterful using original jokes, informational blog and interactional GIF’s. Many users have posted about following Denny’s because of their blog’s entertainment value. Being professional is a must but being silly definitely has a place!

one type of a social media content strategy

3. Impressions from your Audience 

Another social media content tip is to remember sometimes your first impression is the only chance you’ll get. It is essential to establish a positive image for your company and this can be accomplished through posts and customer service. Allow customers to connect with you on your social accounts and remember it’s not all about creating content—you must engage and respond.

As you set up your social media accounts keep your voice consistent because it tells your brand story. On Facebook, your brand icon should always be the logo for your business, your banner should include either the location (interior or exterior) of your business or be representative of your products. When you begin sharing content follow your strategy because pictures posted should not only be of products but could also include happy customers and staff to promote your community. Once established, your community will engage and you should respond even if you simply “like.” When you begin doing this, your fans will begin sharing their experience with your brand. If you want to see great examples, Whole Foods is a fantastic place to visit to inspire you.User generated social media content

We are here to help on social media outreach and content! If you’re looking for an implementation team to do it for you then, contact us.