When we say work remotely or telecommuting, do these images come to mind?

Working from your hammock? Enjoying life in your yoga pants? Sipping on lattes all day at your favorite coffee shop?—There’s more to it! If you’re considering the opportunity to begin working remotely then you need to set up a system for success. We have the 3 tips for you:

1. Set A Schedule to Follow

The best way to establish discipline is to create a structured and consistent schedule. Otherwise, you will find yourself always tempted to get ahead or feel the need to squeeze a little bit more work in. Each of our team members has their own routine. I wake up at 5 am, lift and or run and begin work feeling refreshed with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Each day, I review the meetings scheduled and make sure there’s time for a lunch break. Make a schedule, accomplish your tasks and take time for you because you will be more productive.

2. Designate a Place to Work

If you can work in a busy coffee shop, more power to you but most people need a place free of distraction. If you are choosing a place in your home make sure it’s your space.  Make your space fun, colorful and inspirational! If your family knows you are in your “workplace,” they are less likely to interrupt you and your mind will shift into work mode.

3. Have the Tools Necessary for your Remote Work

Make sure your company sets you up with all the technology and tools you will need to succeed. Be sure your Internet is fast enough, your computer has enough memory (or an external hard drive), have proper materials to back up all your work. Do you need a separate phone line or cell phone? Are there certain reference materials you need handy? Has your team considered setting up DropBox for file sharing?

Telecommuting Going Forward

Enjoy the adventure. Plenty of people will be jealous, thinking you have the easy life but you will know you work just as hard… maybe even harder.

If you need help, please contact us!