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While you may not care who’s first off the line when the light turns green (at least before you’ve taken the first sip of your morning brew), when we talk about who’s on first as far as social networks, your ears perk up even as your fingers turn up the volume.  

Every business owner wants to know which social network they should be on, and while it depends on their target audience, Facebook is still numero uno. Last week Gwen talked about 2014 social media trends and today’s stats continue to confirm what we see everyday… stunts notwithstanding, Facebook wins the best driver award.

Did you nearly 1/3 of all Americans are using social networks to discover websites?  Social Media May Soon Drive More Traffic to Your Website Than Search Engines via

While Facebook still drives the most traffic to websites, Mashable just published a report from Shareaholic that may be surprising—Pinterest is #2, directing almost 3x as much traffic to websites as Twitter according to the popular plugin. Facebook Drives the Most Traffic to Publishers, Beating Twitter and Reddit via

So what this means is if you market to women (and who doesn’t?) you should consider Pinterest, but today we’re not talking about where you should be, but for the sake of what, and that “what” is driving traffic to your website — your sales funnel, your brand’s message.

Think of your website as a parked car. It stays in its stall minding its own business, but when someone comes up to tap on the window from Google or your social networks, the high beams light up happy for the attention. It knows visitors convert to subscribers, leads and sales.

Here’s a little safety check: Just like a car that needs regular maintenance and an occasional polish, so does your site. Mobile use is exploding so a responsive website, a site that looks good on any size screen from iphone to tv, is critical so get it into the shop asap if it’s not mobile friendly.  

So if your website is the parked car, social media is the bright orange cones saying pay attention to me! People are clicking with ever increasing speed and without those neon cones, it’s hard to catch your customer’s eye during the commute.

Social media is the fuel that keeps you top of mind. Today, to actually get that tap on your window, businesses have to produce lush, interesting content on a consistent if not daily basis. Savvy biz owners have adapted and are focusing on engagement (aka relationships) instead of trying to drive an immediate sale..

Remember, 20 % of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw and 67 percent of Twitter users buy from brands that they follow. What Do Businesses Get from Social Media and Websites? [INFOGRAPHIC] via Social Media Today

Social media is not a stunt and by now you realize that you’re in it for the long haul. It is changing the way you communicate your message, the way you do business and even the way you think.

Social media is driving readers to your site and if you haven’t yet, gas up and get going!

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