Maile and Gwen on cell phones at movie.

You know, every day I hear these amazing stories of relationships, friendships, and business relationships moving from the “virtual” world of social media to the “real” world.  A girlfriend of mine met someone on Myspace (okay, years ago I admit), and they met live for the first time after 5 years of friendship when her Myspace friend helped her MOVE!  Talk about being in the real world!   But this is the beauty of social media, right?  What happens online, relationships and friendships that develop there, do NOT have to stay there.  AND, in reverse, relationships that started in college, high school, or even GRADE SCHOOL, can become deeper and more connected through multiple social media sites.

Do you remember being on the phone with your best friends ALL THE TIME during high school?  My BFF and I would spend hours on the phone, and this was AFTER having spent hours together in school.  Now, who needs to be on the phone?  Play-by-play of your daily life can be put up on Twitter, your BFF can follow, and instantaneously your phone time is cut by half.  I know my parents would have loved this when I was in high school – I can almost still hear them yelling “GET OFF THE PHONE!!!”

But I digress.  I would be really interested to hear YOUR stories of social media leading to real life socializing.  Were you part of a group that met online and then came together in real life? I know Hawaii Moms Like Me has done this very successfully.  Did you meet the love of your life through social media?  Did a 3rd degree of separation on Facebook lead to a great business partnership?

We all know social media is here to stay, and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.  But we will always hear about the world getting colder, more distant, because people don’t see each other face to face.  I would argue that while it can be that way, those of us who use social media as a regular part of our lives use it to connect more deeply.  I would also argue that when we have the opportunity to have those relationships jump out of our computer screen and into a coffee shop or a football game or conference room, we are all the better for it, and maybe we even hope for it.  I know I do.

As we say at Wahine Media – share your voice and your story with us!!