Review Management

Fabulous food, service, and location. Really well priced. Would return in a heartbeat.

If you’ve ever booked a hotel through TripAdvisor, you understand how easily this review could’ve influenced your buying decision. It’s positive and powerful. Reading reviews before we buy is the norm.

But then there’s the flip side. News travels fast, especially if it’s negative. Rumors spread like wildfire, and what took years to build only takes minutes and a few keystrokes by an unhappy camper to destroy. Businesses have learned this lesson, sometimes the hard way, as to how important review management is to a crisis, but often forget that unanswered neutral and positive reviews reflect just as poorly.

Companies can tie themselves in knots trying to be all things to all people, but doing business today requires proactive participation, not just reactive. Turning around a customer experience is a magical thing and something we do every day. The recipe? Equal parts empathy, authenticity, consistency, and patience.

Google thinks reviews are important and so do we. Reviews help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and boosts SEO. Monitoring positive ‘gold’, neutral ‘unflavored rice cake’, and negative ‘lump of coal’ brand sentiment, we work with your team to respond to reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Expedia,, and TripAdvisor. Yes, neutral reviews need love too.

We’ve always left feedback, but never before was it immortal. Customer reviews are your barometer, and an opportunity to share enthusiasm, gratitude, and your humanity. Positive reviews and 5-star ratings here you come!

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