Event Social Support

Planning an event?

Whether a global summit or a nonprofit fundraiser, you can increase attendance and your bottom line through social media. Marketing your event on social is not only good business but makes it fun for your attendees to share the word before, during and after. The lower the barrier to buy-in, the more buy-in you’ll have. Did you know you can sell tickets and track RSVPs directly on social?

Promoting an event on social is not a “day of” affair. For people to go gaga, and to feel like their sponsorship, attendance or volunteering truly matters, we start marketing weeks before it begins. On the big day, we broadcast or tweet live, and then follow-up with a photo gallery of smiling faces, thank yous, and results. A thank you on social is social gold.

Whether corporate event or fundraiser, we’ll give your event all the love it needs to get hearts and minds engaged.

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