In honor of National Philanthropy Day, here are the top 55 things every nonprofit needs to know this holiday season…

  1. Mobile is a must—half of your donors look for you on mobile
  2. Social drives donor discovery
  3. The “whether we should” conversation is pushing up daisies
  4. “Living” communication dominates our society
  5. Know your goals—awareness, engagement, fundraising
  6. Know where your audience hangs out
  7. Facebook is still #1 nonprofit platform—yes, even for those with no wrinkles
  8. Meet audience expectations—3-4 profiles to be seen as relevant
  9. Hashtags are important—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  10. 1-3 hashtags per post—#donatenow #volunteer #NationalPhilanthrophyDay
  11. Don’t forget tweetchats—use Tweetchat
  12. Watch your insights and adapt—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram insights. Tweriod too!
  13. Generally—Facebook: 3x-5x week; Twitter: 4x day; Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and others: 3x week
  14. 10:30, 12:30 & 3:00pm are great
  15. Know and use the brand voice
  16. Storytell and story make
  17. Create an experience with every post
  18. Use quality photos—Shutterstock, DollarPhotoClub, and free sites like Pixabay and Morguefile
  19. Use photos/videos on Twitter
  20. Video turns viewers into donors
  21. Captions—keep them short and pithy
  22. Add personality and two sentences max
  23. Use CTA—what do you want them to do with your post? Spread the word? Share a thought?
  24. Link to website for the details
  25. Shorten links—Hootsuite or bitly
  26. Don’t use internal language
  27. Vary your types of story—nostalgia, mythbuster, question, quote
  28. Militant can be a powerful instigator, but not the high road
  29. Positive begets positive, especially in social sharing
  30. Whoever has the best content wins—original content over curation
  31. The point is always the share—DIYs, memes, inspirational articles
  32. Use muse spreadsheet
  33. Social is not your soapbox
  34. 5/1—5 posts for others to every 1 post about you
  35. Be “home” to mitigate risk—spam
  36. Respond with heart
  37. Only truly “social” behavior succeeds
  38. Seed your logo—comment on other pages
  39. Like and follow only a few is old school
  40. Outreach—15-30 minutes 2x day
  41. Don’t strive for a donation, strive for a smile
  42. Pin your ask-of-the-month to the top of the page
  43. Apply for Facebook’s donate button
  44. Campaigns—ask can only be as big as your prize
  45. Connect your giveaway to your brand—Shortstack
  46. Social is pay to play—be on the winning side of the algorithms
  47. Social ads: avg $200-300 / mo
  48. Use split testing for targeted ads
  49. Boost: $10 1-2x week
  50. No ad spend, no visibility—organic engagement is no longer enough
  51. Use a content calendar—be clear who is in charge of posting what, where, and when
  52. Metrics matter
  53. Hire for results
  54. Outsource gives you a toolbox of expertise, lifts the burden from staff
  55. Outsource social media management *wink wink*

If your posts represent the heart and soul of your nonprofit, your responses are you walking the talk… and the point! So as we approach the holiday giving season, is it time to rethink your content strategy?

We’ll start it off with a gift of inspiration for you! Download our Nonprofit Muse Spreadsheet

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If you want to learn more about the lure of social media and why campaigns go viral; how to succeed by showing up; the power of the “social” relationship; what constitutes a perfect post; storytelling over pitch; creating cool captions and positive spin; the do’s and don’ts of asking for money; organic vs paid visibility; and what metrics you should be watching and why, join me Saturday, March 14, 2014, for Social Media for Nonprofits at Pacific New Media, UH Manoa. See you there!


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