The 3 Wahines of Wahine MediaSo I was looking for inspirational ideas for my blog this week. I normally do this by just mentally noting things I read or observe, or events going on in the world, or something weird my children did – typical inspirations. For some reason I was blocked this week and did a Google search on “interesting social media facts.” There had to be something that would tickle my fancy, right?

I came across this article on Danny Brown’s website, and was really just skimming it until I got to the section about blog facts. We all get plenty of information about the facts and figures of social media every day – especially from the rest of the amazing Wahine. And, as our Queen Weaver Wahine will point out to me, information gets out of date quickly on the web, usually within days, and this article is from July 2010 – so COMPLETELY out of date in the internet world. That being said, the “fact” that stuck out to me, and irked me really, was this: two thirds of bloggers are male.

Waaahhhhhhh??????  I can’t even wrap my head around this.  I am willing to accept the fact that the reason most of the blogs I follow are by women is because I AM a woman, but really?  Ladies, ladies, ladies!  If this is true, we need to get off the stick! (So to speak.)  I mean, our gift as women, our joy, our passion, our true strength is the gift of gab! And whether our spouses or our significant others or life partners LIKE this about us is NOT my concern.  My concern is that the world, now so connected through the internet and social media is NOT HEARING OUR VOICES!!! Our beautiful, unique, glorious, FEMININE voices!

This is my call to action wahine of the world – start a blog!  Now!  Today! And update it frequently.  I admit that I have started a blog and am not updating my own blog on a regular basis, so this is a call to action for me too!  Women I know are writing cool, fun, interesting, thought provoking blogs all the time.  Like my friend Heather and  goddess of makeup Catherine, not to mention amazing and highly recognized bloggers like Heather Armstrong, Alexandra Levit, and one of my personal favorites, Tinamarie Bernard (nsfw).  Inspired by these women, armed with our own experiences, and our loins girded with the gift of gab, let us venture forth and take what is ours – the world of blogging.

Oh, and by the way, I will be taking my own advice.  You’ll see an update here – this much I promise.