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Have you ever thought of live tweeting during an event?

Why live tweeting? To get more followers, to engage your existing fans, to create buzz. Live tweeting  encourages more people to respond and interact with your tweets.

And the proof? Are you watching #TheVoice? Are you getting a kick out of the judge’s funny little tweets as they steal a contestant? Have you noticed every journalist on Fox News is happily sharing a #hashtag? It’s a way of connecting with their audience and answering questions asked via Twitter real-time on the show, a way to keep the conversation going. Did you know that the #ProjectRunway has had as many as 3000 tweets at a time?

Live-tweeting turbocharges your engagement on Twitter, but not just on Twitter, on Instagram and Facebook too.

So what the heck is a hashtag? First, it’s not a fad. That little symbol that used to mean lb is now called a hashtag an it’s a potent little guy. It’s a symbol followed by text (and the only time a run on sentence is okay) like #ilovedonuts, #happymonday #luckywelivehawaii, and not only does it allow us to search and see every conversation happening right now about that topic, but we can join in the conversation and that, my friends is the brilliant little point.

You can search a hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just Google it. It’s hard to find a TV show that doesn’t offer sidebar conversation. It’s a way to reach out to fans, offer inside information and fun. People ask questions and get live responses.

So why for an event? We just live tweeted from the Women’s Fund Golf Tournament using the hashtag #teeforgood. From the first raffle ticket to the last glass of wine, we shared photos all day of shakas and smiles, goofy antics and people having a great time. When we tweeted that Kaiser Permanente’s team won a last place prize, @kphawaii tweeted back “LOL… We’ll take it!”

Not only is Kaiser now visible now to Women’s Fund followers, but they are left with a warm fuzzy feeling and gratified that their support did not go unnoticed. We tweeted the a photo of the hole-in-one crew to Mercedes Benz of Honolulu and they came back with “Ah, so close” @mbofhonolulu Reaching out to touch the sponsors in a light, friendly way is the perfect way to say thanks a bunch for your support.

There are so many events happening in and around Hawaii and only some of them are leveraging the #hashtag. Whether you’re filling a ballroom hoping to inspire, or having a pau hana launch to celebrate your latest product, live tweeting encourages everyone to join your conversation. Your followers will increase, your engagement will rock.

How to live tweet? Here’s a tweet from Dwayne the Rock Johnson preparing his audience for a live tweetup:

Dwayne Johnson        ✔ @TheRock

Get ready: Today from 6-630pmEST I’ll answer your questions on Twitter. Bring it… #RockTalk.

It’s as simple as that. Tweet before the event to create buzz, during the event share photos and great captions and when someone joins the conversation, retweet and favorite their post. Before, during and after, thank your sponsors. Remember, you do not own a hashtag, you only borrow it for a moment. You can pick something that is already trending or you can create one specific to your event. 

These stats are directly from Twitter:

  • The Rock saw a 13X increase in daily mentions and a 3X increase in daily followers when he engaged in a Q&A with his followers using the #RockTalk hashtag
  • Lea Michele live-tweeted her vantage point at the Emmys, and the result was a 3.5X increase in daily mentions and a 2X increase in daily followers.

Live tweeting at an event could mean just twitter, but you would want to live post to Facebook and Instagram  as well. Your live tweeting efforts don’t have to stand alone. Take time to promote your actions across your other platforms and alert your audience so they can participate along with you. Send out a few tweets prior to the event, Make post on Facebook and let everyone know when and what hashtag you will be using. Write a short blog post to promote the event and consider doing a wrap-up for those who missed it. Make it a cohesive part of your strategy to regularly promote your live events. 

If a live-tweeting session just doesn’t take off: that’s fine. Call it a day and wait until next time. But conversely, if you’re getting great engagement and your followers are @replying you and retweeting you like crazy, there’s nothing they want to hear more than: “Okay, you know what? I’ll stick around for another fifteen minutes.”

Of course, you should be conscious of that fact that you’re tweeting more than normal, and possibly filling up some followers’ timelines—but don’t stress. Time and time again, we see that live-tweeting leads to follow growth.

Overall, live-tweeting is fun, especially if you get to break amazing tidbits about an event. Watch out for the different pros and cons of live-tweeting. Determine the key aspects of the event before you begin then take note of the important people and facts to save time and provide the best output.

Hashtags will help bring in the right people to the conversation.

Have we inspired you to live tweet during your next event? We hope so 🙂 Maybe you can get started by tweeting right now >> 

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