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Cholo's conversationHave you ever wondered who in Hawaii is rocking social media and how they’re doing it? What’s their super secret sauce? Would it surprise you to know that local mom and pop shops are shining just as bright as the big brands? Social media levels the playing field, and both small businesses and large have the same opportunity to catch the buyer’s eye. This includes you too non-profits!

What do these successful social brands have in common? They post consistent and amazing content and by consistent we mean posting at least 3x week on Facebook, 3x day on Twitter. And they use other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest too. If YOU only have the resources for one network, typically it’s going to be Facebook but remember posting once a week is not enough. Your page will be alive (barely) but not vibrant, and communities only gather on vibrant pages. Content that celebrates our unique culture and island location always stands out.

Even more important than the consistency is how these social rock stars use their networks and this should be a post-it note: Social media is about relationships, not self-promotion. Super successful brands are following the 80/20 rule, which means rather than self-centric ‘how great you are’ messages, they are sharing articles and pictures that their audience will like. They are asking questions and they’re actually interested in the answers. They’re keeping the conversation going. It’s a brilliant strategy and one that works!

So let’s set the stage: You’re at a networking event and the guy over there in the green leisure suit is telling everyone who will listen about his latest whiz-bang product. Do you want to spend time with him? Or do you want to check out the guy at the next table who is surrounded by laughter? Get my drift? If you make it all about your product, service or celebrating your latest sale, people will tune you out. Instead of you telling someone how great you are, let your followers share how great you are. You are great but remember Friendship Marketing 101: Friends buy from friends!

When people come to your page, are they getting voicemail? Just like you check your email, check your social networks too. Make it part of your daily routine. Respond to comments, but also talk story to keep the conversation going. Like a swing set that goes back and forth, make back AND forth conversation your goal.

How do you rock your social media presence in Hawaii? Post consistent and amazing content, create conversation and HAVE FUN!

What is one thing you do to stand out? What do you do to rock your social media presence?

Some of our favorite Hawaii rock stars who understand what conversation means!

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