Having a stellar social media presence for your business isn’t a luxuryit’s a necessity. Apps such as Instagram are powerful tools offering a variety of features to help boost your business and propel you to social media stardom. However, because Instagram only allows your business to feature one bio link, it’s important to explore options that allow you to get a bigger bang for your buck.

Sometimes, utilizing a platform’s existing features just doesn’t cut it. With so much to say and so many virtual destinations to send your followers—you’ll need to take a walk on the wild side and outsource to optimize your Instagram’s bio link.

Think you’re ready for the plunge? Make a splash by utilizing one of the platforms below.

Linkin.bio by Later

Later is one of the most comprehensive ways to optimize your profile’s bio link. If being able to share more than one link in your Instagram bio wasn’t enough, Linkin.bio also allows you to link individual posts to handpicked articles, websites, videos, and more.

If you’re an online business, get ready for another game-changing option—Later allows you to link products in your posts to Shopify or your website’s product pages. Later also provides valuable insights including clicks, pageviews, and sales from each post. In short, Later allows your profile to become both shoppable and trackable.

screenshot of later website showcasing link features


“You only get one chance to link in Instagram. Make it do more.” That’s Linktree’s slogan, and we couldn’t agree more. If your business doesn’t require all the flashy gizmos and gadgets that Later offers but still needs a way to escort followers to multiple destinations, Linktree is for you.

Linktree is a free tool that allows you to house a variety of content under one bio link. When users click on your link, they are directed to a simple landing page that highlights your desired content—articles, a web store, events, socials, and more. Are you a hot new restaurant? Consider spicing up your profile by directing followers to your menu, OpenTable, and your latest feature in a local magazine.

screenshot of linktree website showing examples of bio link landing pages


Did you know that your Instagram bio has a limit of 150 characters? Sometimes there isn’t enough square footage to share your story. Perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs, About.me dives deeper than your Instagram profile’s elevator speech. When users click on your customized link, they are directed to a landing page that highlights your work, education, and other social accounts.

screenshot of about.me website showing bio link landing page options

Hawaii Companies Rocking Optimized Bio Links

Optimized Instagram bio links are not just being used by the big brands—companies of all sizes are using it in Hawaii. From restaurants like L&L Hawaiian Barbeque and SKY Waikiki, to businesses such as Hawaiian Ola and Electric Palms Hawaii, local brands are utilizing creative ways to make the most of their Instagram profile’s website link—even the Hawaii DLNR is getting in on the fun! Check it out below.

Are you confident enough to start coloring outside the lines? Or do you need some assistance with your masterpiece? Don’t hesitate to contact us if your social media skills are more paint-by-number than Picasso. We’re here to help.