Converting your personal profile into a celebrity page: If you have a large friend base, and you want to convert your personal profile to a celebrity page, the good news is you will retain your friends, and they become “fans”. But remember, you will lose your personal profile page once you convert it to a page. If you want to start anew, you would have to start over with building your audience. But, you can always use the ” suggest to friends” on your page and share the news that you have a celebrity page with your friends, and retain your personal profile. Also remember that only admins of a page can “suggest to friends”, all others have to now “share” the page and a post goes to their wall instead of a private message to all of their friends.

What’s the difference between a celebrity page and a business page? The only difference I noticed is that you can’t utilize the new check-in technology Facebook integrated into a “local business” page if you are classified as a person. If you are a person, then it makes sense that people can’t “check-in” to you.

Why not stick with my personal page? Many people do this, but if you let people in who may jeopardize your reputation, problems will arise. Do you want a business associate see pictures of your girls’ night out last Friday? Well I personally don’t have a problem with it, but many people should. If you use your Facebook page and your personal profile simultaneously, you can lock down the privacy of your profile so your baby pics and girls’ night out posts are safe with trusted friends and family.

Are you ready to create a celebrity page? Below is a slide show tutorial on how to set up, customize, and spread the word about a celebrity page: