Little CelebrityWe have been asked recently why one would want to create a Facebook celebrity page, and why one would not. Let’s face it, not everyone is willing to call themselves a “celebrity”. But in the world of Facebook, being a “celebrity” may be the best option for you. In reality, you are creating a Facebook page for a person, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have one. First, you need to know why you would want to create a celebrity page for yourself, and the pro’s and con’s of using a page over sticking with your personal profile.

A celebrity page would be appropriate if: You are a public figure such as a government official, a band, doctor, lawyer, or celebrity (obviously it’s for you); You don’t want to go through the process of friending people, and you want to keep your private life, private with your Facebook personal profile; You are an employee who want to create a work-related face for yourself. For instance, lots of news reporters create celebrity pages, and people are “liking” the reporter, not “friend-ing” someone they met the other day at the coffee shop.

Limitations of creating a Facebook celebrity page: Anyone can like you, and you have to watch what you post so you don’t share anything that will damage you or your company’s reputation. Everything you post is essentially public, and you also want to be careful what kinds of photos you share for copyright purposes. You can always lock down some of the privacy on the page by not allowing others to post on the wall, but we do not recommend this. Facebook works best when there is an open conversation, not a broadcast. There are exceptions to this: many politicians who are brave enough to be on Facebook don’t allow others to post for obvious reasons.

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