What are Hashtags?

In 2009, hashtags began gaining popularity when Twitter began the process of hyperlinking all hashtags in tweets. This hyperlink would perform a search, once clicked on, for other tweets using the same hashtag.

Naturally, this idea took off tremendously. In fact, the word hashtag became so popular that it was even added to the urban dictionary in 2014. Hashtags are a great way for Twitter users to reach a broader audience and can be extremely beneficial to businesses.

As a business, you want your content in front of as many eyes as possible and you want those who read your tweets and content to become valuable potential customers. Hashtags are a great way to make sure the right people are reading your content. First, you will need to develop strategies to make sure you are getting the most out of your hashtags.

Hashtags For Business

Think first, hashtag second: What is your service or product? Don’t begin using arbitrary hashtags because you need a brand strategy.

Create a hashtag for your business: This will engage your fans, be seen by their friends and increase your reach. What’s the name of your business? We could use #WahineMedia or use #LuckyWeWorkPlayHawaii because we work and play in Hawaii.

social media hashtag example

Research your competition: Focus on your industry and do market research. Who is your competition? What hashtags are they using? What posts are fans responding to most?

Don’t abuse the hashtag: Hashtags are valuable but it should be your priority to get a polished message across to your audience. Research shows that using any more than three hashtags will result in your readers becoming distracted and confused. Use the best ones that represent your brand voice and that specific message.

Go with the crowd: Explore the most popular hashtags and use them when appropriate. There are many ways to accomplish this. For starters, you can look at the Twitter website or consider using an app to help you determine this information. A few of the most popular include, #throwbackthursday,#flashbackfriday and #TGIF. You can easily use popular hashtags to represent your brand and reach a broader audience.

popular hashtags

most common hashtags

Don’t be afraid to share local hashtags but make sure they apply and are appropriate. In Hawaii, don’t be afraid to use #luckyweworkplayhawaii #HawaiiLife #AlohaFriday #HappyAlohaFriday.

local marketing with hashtags

Another thing you will want to do is to track hashtags that you use or are considering using. This can help you determine the reach of the hashtag and whether it is still relevant to your original content. Relevancy is a huge area of focus, so make sure that you choose hashtags that are relevant.

These are just some of the ways you can effectively use hashtags in your business. To learn more about this process, be sure to contact us today. We will be able to get you started on the path to social media success and advancement.