How Do Businesses in Hawaii Use Social Media? Great Question!

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Hawaii is so unique and that we thought Hawaii must be different than the national "average" as to how Hawaii's businesses perceive and use social media. How do we know for sure unless we find out? If you own a business, oversee or manage the social media operations for a business, we're looking for your feedback.

Social Media Traffic Jam: A Good Problem To Have

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It's time to rethink SEO. Think of your website as a parked car. It stays in its stall minding its own business, but when someone comes up to tap on the window from Google or your social networks, the high beams light up happy for the attention. It knows visitors convert to subscribers, leads and sales.

Understanding Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm, Formerly Edge Rank

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The News Feed is the most important feature to understand on Facebook, and not surprisingly, changes have been made to this algorithm. Formerly known as Edge Rank, the recent changes have not made Edge Rank irrelevant, but more complex.

Why Should CEOs And Business Leaders Be On Social Media?

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Social media has broken many barriers in the way we do business, and customer expectations have changed. We now want to “connect” with brands and who better to connect with than the CEO? CEOs that remain behind closed doors are not taking advantage of the vast opportunities to grow their business, reveal their brand’s human side and expertise.

3 Great Techniques To Reach Mobile Users In Your Area

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Did you know 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile, 50 percent of Twitter users are using the social network via mobile and in a six-month span, Instagram's average daily mobile visitors jumped from 886,000 to 7.3 million? Does your social strategy include a plan for reaching those users?

Playing the Facebook Edge Rank Game

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Did you know that less than 1% of your Facebook fans will ever return to you wall? What does that mean for your fan page? It means that your fans are engaging with you through the content that you post—the posts they see in their news feed and whether your content is seen in a fan’s home feed is determined by Edge rank.