6 Magic Beans To Grow Your Community

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Engagement starts with engaging content, then moves to relationship building and evolves to trust and enthusiastic support (aka a vibrant community). Are you seeding your logo everywhere? Hold these magic beans in your hand as you go forth (pintos will work too!)

Forget the British, the Chinese Are Coming!

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Have you considered China as a viable market for your business? The Hawaiian Tourism Authority projected that in 2014 there will be over 182,000 Chinese visitors who come to Hawaii, spending $441.7 million. Does your business want a piece of that pie? If you do, you should think about reaching them on social media before they get here, and here’s why.

Why Should CEOs And Business Leaders Be On Social Media?

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Social media has broken many barriers in the way we do business, and customer expectations have changed. We now want to “connect” with brands and who better to connect with than the CEO? CEOs that remain behind closed doors are not taking advantage of the vast opportunities to grow their business, reveal their brand’s human side and expertise.

Tune In To Hear #TalkSocial On The Matt DiGeronimo Show!

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We are excited to announce that we have launched a weekly radio segment on The Matt DiGeronimo Show, Talk Social with Wahine Media! From privacy to ethics, content to campaigns, we’ll deliver what you need to know to put your business’ best social foot forward in a compelling, authentic and effective way.