Knock Knock… There’s No One Home!

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If someone walks into your store, do you run and hide in back room? Hopefully not, so why would you ignore your customers online? Several companies in Hawaii are discovering the PR nightmare of “no one home”. Even if you don’t have a social media presence, people are talking about you online and it’s your job to listen… and respond.

I Saw It On The Internet… It Must Be True, Right?

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I saw it on the Internet! It must be true, right? Well, not exactly—and I’m sure we’ve all witnessed some laughable un-truths online. It’s easy to overlook the fact that a LOT of what you read on the Internet—and more so on social networks—is not credible, but more importantly, just not true.

Social Media is NOT a Bonus Skillset

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Businesses are having no problem thinking big when it comes to social media results, but they’re thinking small when it comes to hiring to create those outcomes. Employers, you’re only limited by your imagination. Today we’re empowering both business owners and job seekers – a "two-fer" – and talking about what it takes to be a social media manager.

Hawaii Brands Rockin’ Social Media: Less “Media”, More “Social”

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Have you ever wondered who in Hawaii is rocking social media and how they’re doing it? What’s their super secret sauce? Social media is about relationships, not self-promotion. Super successful brands are asking questions AND they’re actually interested in the answers.

Understanding Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm, Formerly Edge Rank

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The News Feed is the most important feature to understand on Facebook, and not surprisingly, changes have been made to this algorithm. Formerly known as Edge Rank, the recent changes have not made Edge Rank irrelevant, but more complex.