Maybe a Conference won’t kill you, but it can certainly make you feel like you’ve been hit by a MAC truck.

Rob Bertholf

We had so many memorable moments from last week’s Social Media Summit and we thought you might enjoy reminiscing with us. From funny to amazing to brilliant to sweet, last week was a stunner for Wahine Media. This blog is like our week, wild and crazy. Here are our best (and worst) moments…

Social Media Club #SMCHI – Tuesday

Social Media ROI and Measurement
– Presenter Tara Coomans | Akamai Marketing
Social Media Analytics Road Map

What’s the ROI of an Elephant
– Presenters Karen Weikert and Gwen Woltz | Wahine Media

  • Even with Karen’s pad o’ notes, she choked. Granted it was hot under those spots, but she definitely looked like a deer in the headlights. (Did you forget you wrote the script Karen?)
  • Gwen conquered one of her biggest fears, public speaking, and was a rock star saving the presentation and the day!
  • The presentation went viral – featured us on their home page and ROI of an Elephant now has over 11,989 views!
    Notification from that our presentation is featured on home page



View more presentations from Wahine Media

Social Media Summit #SMSHI – Wednesday

The keynotes were stellar! Take a moment to watch their presentations.
Facebook Marketing Success
– Keynote Mari Smith
How to Outsource Social Media – Keynote Erin Blaskie

Our favorite moments:

Karen Weikert, Rob Bertholf & Gwen Woltz at Facebook Kiosk
How many social media goofballs does it take to figure out a Facebook kiosk? Our fingers couldn’t wait to start pushing buttons!
Karen, Rob & Gwen


  • No Wifi??? – at a Technology and Social Media Conference? Tell me it isn’t so!
  • Peter wearing his superhero cape, comes to Karen’s rescue and shares his mobile hot spot.

Vikki Higa and Wahine Media photo

Gwen and Vikki Higa (our #SMSHI sweepstakes winner) meet for the first time in the elevator!
Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into ours.

  • Entire table trying not to laugh as Karen tries to discreetly recover wayward turkey from cleavage
  • Tara commiserating with Karen about wardrobe malfunctions
  • Gwen, Amberlynn, girl talk and panty hose change-outs
  • Mari’s brilliant brogue and turquoise bling 
@KauaiTalk: Why @MariSmith chose turquoise. Blue chakra and green chakra combined = heart felt communication. #HiMari
Mari Smith@MariSmith @chopchopmedia @wahinemedia heheee thank you re the iPhone bling. I plan to start my own blue n bling merchandise line! Lol! #smshi
Patrick Williams
: Need to scold my parents for not giving me a cool Scottish/Candian/SoCal accent like #himari


Peter successfully herding cats: Hal, Rob and Tara

Hal’s Flip Phone fabulousity

 Tara D.Coomans @taracoomans And me having a Klout conniption RT @halwilkerson Miss our Social Media ROI panel? #SMSHI @rob @PeterLiu47
  • Gobble gobble Side Street Inn: Peter, Suzanne, Roxanne, Tara, Shirley, Stan, Jana, Karen and Gwen
Gwen Woltz@gjwahine @chopchopmedia What a fantastic evening, Side Street afterparty was the icing on the cake : ) #SMCHI
  • Gwen’s “Quotes Out of Context” at Shokudo
  • Bansky elephants
  • The Actor Teddy Wells
  • Neenz’ loco moco mentoring with Gwen
  • Jason aka @wailauadakine doing Linda Lingle’s Senate campaign – Go JASON!
@gjwahine:@WaialuaDaKine Jason u r such a treat and yes its about time our IRL encounter happened! Still smiling 😉 #HiMari @karenweikert 
  • Meeting our favorite tweeple IRL!

How to Reach Women In Social Media – Presenter Esme Infante Nii | Moms in Hawaii
Panelists: Karen Weikert and Gwen Woltz | Wahine Media

Esme on coffee crack! She was flying high as she presented “How to Reach Women in Social Media”

Esme riding to the rescue with Chocorooms. DEE-LISH-US!

  • I wasn’t going to risk being a heckler, I was surrounded by women. – Franklin to Karen
  • Toby’s “Woo who” excitement

Karen storytelling about men and women on social mediaKaren holding "Don't be a Jagoff" t-shirtKaren tells the story of @YaJagoff and how they became fast friends. His #ff “Definitely not a jagoff: @karenweikert” made her laugh and a friendship was forged!

What is a Jagoff?

Toby Tamaye@atmarketing “Make us laugh and get a jagoff shirt” @EsmeInfanteNii on how to reach women online. #SMSHI

 How to Reach Women in Social Media


Social Media Club Hawaii Presents Mari Smith – Thursday

Mari’s best social media and Facebook marketing insights in person – Presenter Mari Smith

  • An amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the “Pied Piper of the Online World” Mari Smith…
    so imagine Karen’s surprise when Gwen raised her hand for a critique.

@wahinemedia: #himari Gwen just raised her hand to have @marismith evaluate our FB fan page. Gwennie – NOOOOO! 🙂 #HiMari

@roxannedarling: RT @gjwahine: Maris got @wahinemedia facebook page on the hot seat! << GREAT way to learn & get personal attention! #HIMari 

Gwen raised her hand and asked Mari Smith, THE MARI SMITH, to critique our Facebook page… and it was GREAT! We were able to make a few tweaks in real time.
Our next blog, out this Friday, will feature Mari’s pearls of wisdom that were shared over three days with us. Don’t miss it!

@roxannedarling: Great example of a Facebook post: “Social Media Policies: Help or Hinder?” with link attached. (via @wahinemedia) #HIMari


Did you know that Social Media Club Hawaii is one of the largest social media clubs in the nation?

I first met Roxanne Darling 5 years ago at the YWCA, and even then knew we were kindred and would one day work together. Doing social media as part of my digital marketing duties, I thought it might help engage the CEO and Board if they knew what social media was, so I brought Rox in as a speaker/teacher. Back then it was rare to find anyone who could speak to what social media was, much less be able to enlighten businesses who were in the dark. I smile as I watch Rox today ever the teacher, always striving for excellent and holding the space for the big dream that is Social Media Club Hawaii.

The monthly meetings are free to attend, and are a gathering of gabby and great social media minds. Join us! 
Social Media Club Hawaii

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