YouTube, like Twitter, is also very customizable, but you can also customize and arrange the cells on your profile. My advice is to keep it simple. Some YouTube channel can look like a MySpace profile sometimes, and we all know why that was annoying.

Background: A YouTube background works differently than a Twitter background. It doesn’t anchor to the left of the browser window, it anchors to the middle of the table. This can cause all kinds of problems with different monitors if you are not careful. It is best to keep off important content on a YouTube background, and just keep it to a pattern or solid color. A lot of Twitter backgrounds you will see the addresses of their other social profiles. It’s not necessary with YouTube because there is space for that information in the About cell. You also need to fade the background into the theme background color, but this time on the left, right and bottom.

Theme: Like Twitter, you can go into your account settings and adjust your theme colors. Like Twitter, it is best to not choose clashing or close in value colors, and stick to your brand swatches. You can even change your font family, but be sure you stick with what your brand uses. Don’t set it to a serif font if you use a sans serif in your website.

Avatar(profile picture): Most people use the same avatar that they have for Twitter, and this is best practice.

Cells: You can adjust, delete, and arrange various cells like: subscription, subscribers, recent activity, and comments. All you need to know about cells is if it’s not necessary, don’t keep it there–it only creates clutter.

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