Twitter is one of the most customizable visually. You can create your own background, and customize the colors of the text and containers. Remember you want people to undoubtedly know they have found your business when they visit your Twitter page, so you should create a background that feels like your website, and is also a variation of your Facebook customization.

Toys R Us Twitter profileSocial Fresh Twitter profileTarget Twitter profileBackground: The background is the biggest canvas you have to work with, but there are some tricks to making a background that will work with all monitors. Twitter backgrounds anchor on the left hand side, but the body does not anchor a distance away from the left side. When you create a Twitter background, keep this in mind: If you put any content beyond 150 – 175 pixels from the left hand side, you risk it getting cut off due to different monitor sizes and resolutions. Also, you need to fade your background on the right and bottom side into the background color that you set in the Twitter theme, or else you will see a hard line on larger/higher resolution monitors. Try zooming out a few times while viewing your profile to test what a larger/higher resolution monitor will see. To change your background image, go to your account settings, under the design tab click change background image.

Theme: You can also customize the color of the links, containers (tables), and text of your profile. You want to be careful when choosing colors not to make clashes, or colors that are too close in value. You need to have a high enough contrast for easy readability, and you also need to use the same colors as your company colors, logo color, and match your background. You can even type in the hex code to get exact colors if you are working from swatches. To change the colors, go to your account setting, and under the design tab click change design colors.

Avatar (profile picture): Your avatar is usually your logo, but what if your logo is a long skinny rectangle? You may want to consider creating a sub logo that is designed specifically for social media avatars. Especially if it’s a text logo, try to pick just one element of your logo or brand theme that can best represent your company. You see that Toys-R-Us uses the “R” instead of the whole logo. We use our “mascot” peahen, because it better represents Wahine Media in an avatar.

Description: The genius of Twitter is the 140 character limit that it sets on tweets. The same goes for your profile information. It forces you to hone down all that you are into a nice little bite. I love this aspect of Twitter. It is what makes Twitter so awesome. Before you just put in some boring description, think about every word carefully. You can also add other handles in the description, and they will be linked to that profile. For Wahine Media, we list all three of the Wahine in our profile description so people also know the people behind the company. My advice is get as creative and as interesting as you can, no one remembers dry descriptions.

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