Facebook Pages

Facebook used to be one of the least customizable visually, but with iFrame integration into new Facebook pages, you now have more opportunities to add branding through custom tabs. On the downside, you have to know what you are doing, or pay someone to create a custom tab for you. I won’t be going over iFrames in this post (we’ll save that for later), so I’ll just go over what the average Jane can do.

Profile picture: currently, Facebook allows a maximum profile picture size of 200 x 600 pixels. This is not a lot of space for customization, but you may want to consider including these elements. Logo–how else will someone really know it’s you?

Website address–even though you can include this information in your info tab, a website address is important here for users to easily know and access your url. In the case of my examples, their url is not necessary because they are not hard to miss on Google.

Marketing–you should have some kind of slogan or phrase that describes your business motto or main point. You should try to include this, and if it’s really long then boil it down to a few words. Your message that is read is just as important as your visual message.

Visual cohesiveness–all the elements in your profile picture should not just be slapped into a frame. They need to work together, have flow, hierarchy, and some powerful imagery.

It may be a good idea for you to get a professional graphic designer to do this one for you, as it’s the most important part of your Facebook page. Oh wait, we do that! Give us a call or click here for more info.

Social Fresh Facebook Page customization

Toys R Us Facebook Page customizationTarget Facebook Page customizationPhoto strip: the new Facebook pages have added the photo strip at the top, like in personal profiles. You should be utilizing this area to incorporate more of your brand and messaging. This is done through tagging your business in uploaded photos–the most recently tagged photos of your business will show up in your photo strip. There are some things to know about how this works. First, create and upload to a separate photo album for the photo strip pics you want to use, and tag your own business in those pics. Make these pictures 97 x 68 pixels, or larger at this proportion. If you don’t want to cut down images to this proportion, you can adjust where the tag is on the photo, and it adjusts how the photo is framed on the photo strip. Second, the images will randomly display each time the page is loaded, so be sure the order they appear is not important. Third, if someone else tags your business, that photo will show up in your photo strip, so if you don’t want it there, you need to delete it from your photo strip by hitting the “x” in the upper right corner of the picture. There are infinite different ways to get creative with this, and not one way is the best, nor do I have a favorite.

Username: you would be amazed at the number of Facebook pages out there who have not registered a username. It is important to register a username for many reasons. First, if you want to put your Facebook address on anything printed, it should look nice, and not end in a bunch of numbers, like ones that haven’t registered a username. Second, it helps your Facebook page SEO (search engine optimization). To register a username for a page (you must be an admin) go to www.facebook.com/usernames. CAUTION! Make sure you choose your username wisely, Facebook only allows you to pick it once and if a username has already been used it cannot be recycled, even if the page has been deleted.

Custom Tabs: I’m not going to go into how to create tabs in this post, but I will mention that they are the most customizable part of Facebook pages. You can basically place any externally hosted web page that is 540 pixels wide into an iFrame, and make it into a custom tab. The possibilities are endless with this option as you can imagine. But I will say this, and some people may not agree with me here. I believe that your Facebook page should be a Facebook page as much as it can. If you try to turn your Facebook page into a website, then what is the point of having a Facebook page? The beauty of a Facebook page is not in the customization (although it does allow for some much needed touches), it is in the forum in which it creates engagement and conversation.

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