You’re a business, you have a nice website, and you’ve taken a step to expand your community by venturing into social media–congratulations! But simply starting profiles and posting content isn’t enough to fully promote your brand. I’m sure your website has your logo, company colors, thoroughly thought out messaging, and it feels like your company (if not, it should–give us a call, we can help you there).

Believe it or not, your social media profiles need to have those same elements. The major social sites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you are most likely on are customizable, each to varying degrees. In this article, I’ll guide you through how to best brand these three sites to their maximum potential, and show you a few bad-asses of profile customization. In my examples, we’re going to follow three different companies and show what they are doing to customize their profiles. Toys-R-Us, Target, and Social Fresh.

Why should you brand your social profiles? Isn’t content king and the rest doesn’t matter? Content is king, and the key to create your unique voice, but customization is the key to create brand authenticity. You will never go to Target or Apple’s social profiles and see the default theme that is provided, that would be a brand disaster for them. You will see the distinct colors, logo, and messaging that make up these easily recognizable brands. These are powerhouse brands that built up their authenticity before social media was born.

That means it is even more important for your business to follow suit. First, when your audience is out and about online, you want to make sure that no matter where they stumble upon your business, that they have undoubtedly found your business. Just having the name is not enough – there is probably more than one Marios’ Pizza online, but only one Mario’s Pizza with your unique logo, colors and messaging. You want to make sure that is clear.

Second, profile customization gives you more clout, and tells your audience that you have your ducks in a row and you are serious about social media. It puts you steps ahead of a competitor who may not have taken the time to customize. Enough about the reasons why, if I haven’t convinced you yet, stop reading.

Now–let’s get to the fun stuff!

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