Your employees are a powerful resource to help you build a strong social media presence. Since almost everyone uses social media, it’s very helpful for your organization to inspire them to advocate for your brand on sites such as LinkedInFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Let’s look at some of the best ways businesses can engage employees with social media. Employee activity on social media is often more affective than advertising at building trust and pointing out product advantages.

Businesses Doing It Right


Employees of Adobe, for example, are specifically trained in this role. Employees at this leading tech firm often blog on the company website and contribute posts to LinkedIn. This is a great way to involve your team and showcase their knowledge to a broader community. This also helps build brand trust because your team is writing to represent you. Let them have fun but set boundaries!

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Starbucks, is known for successful social media campaigns such as Tweet-a-Coffee, which permits customers to buy gift cards directly on Twitter. One reason for the success of this campaign was that Starbucks employees did much of the tweeting themselves. Get your employees involved and they will help spread the world!

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Instagram Stories is a great way to feature your brand. Begin with a storyline and a plan, then take a photo to upload into the Instagram story section.  Continue to add photos throughout the next 24 hours and they will populate in the same storyline. You can add text and emojis to your photos in order to caption your story.

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Yelp Hawaii, features local businesses and reviews their experience. Below you will see their playful and visual use of Instagram Stories to showcase their time will visiting Piggy Smalls. This example provides the followers and potential future fans with a more well-rounded view of an entire experience. Hungry yet?

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Engage Your Employees

There are several guidelines for turning your employees into effective social media brand advocates:

  • Make sure employees are well-trained on social media, especially the platforms on which your brand is most active.
  • Create a clear-cut social media policy so employee efforts reflect well upon your brand.
  • Rewarding employees for their participation goes a long way.
  • Recognizing top brand ambassadors on your website and social media pages goes a long way.

Encourage employees to represent the brand using their unique abilities. Some excel at blogging while others are better at taking photographs or making videos. Let your team showcase their natural talents and this will help your business shine and strengthen your team. If you need help, please feel free to contact us.