Posting on Instagram for Businesses 

Instagram is a great social media tool for businesses looking to expand their business. It is a great way to visibly show the benefits of products and services that the company offers, which could entice consumers to become more interested in the business.

 When should  you post on Instagram

The goal of an Instagram account is to gain as much visibility as possible. To help with this process, it is best to learn when you should be posting on Instagram. This can actually be rather tricky because you must first determine when your customers are most likely on the app.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the specific time you should post will depend on the specific group of people you are looking at. For example, those who cater to a younger crowd of college students will have a much different timetable than those who are looking for older, professional adults. Because of this, you will need to specifically look at your target market and determine when they are most active on Instagram.

To do this, track the amount of likes and comments you receive after you post something. This can give you great insight regarding when the best time to post something is. You can also use tools to track how much interaction you receive on your posts. Then, you can alter when you make posts in order to determine if there is a better time to do so.

In general, research shows that it is best to post things on Instagram around 2 a.m. and again at 5 p.m. These are the times when Instagram users are most active and will take notice of the things you are posting. For most businesses, 5 p.m. is a great time because it is at the end of the workday and will be the first thing consumers see after a long day’s work.

Following these tips will help you determine the best time to post photos on Instagram. To learn even more about the best ways to use Instagram, contact us today.