6. A bucket o’ magic beans

Hold these magic beans in your hand as you go forth and conquer this week — or buy some Pintos and put on your desk as a reminder.

  • Post with humor, genuine caring, enthusiasm, joy. Keep it real!
  • Engage with kindness, humor, light-hearted banter, compliments, and be helpful 
  • Share your expertise generously
  • Post compelling and shareable content
  • Multimedia is a must, keep text only posts to a minimum
  • Be consistent and set aside time every day to engage
  • Have both strategic conversation and light-hearted conversation. Talk to everyone!
  • Use search filters and Twitter lists to find the best opportunities to engage
  • Use #hashtags everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Trending topics are a great source of conversation and Trendsmap is your “go to” resource for what’s trending in Honolulu –@EdOshiro
  • Super secret magic bean: Gramfeed is a rock star when it comes to finding Instagram photos by geotag, and an amazing way to find and talk to your community
    *If you capture Instagram photos from your audience, don’t forget to credit the source and include a link back

Remember that people don’t join social networks to hear your marketing spiel. They join to interact, express and engage. When they choose to offer their hand in friendship, it is important to respect and be grateful for the gift. Trust is earned over time. Like with any friendship, it needs to be nurtured and appreciated.

The Lift Up
@HawaiiShoppingCenter That was an amazing sunset shot. What’s your favorite photo app?
The Non-Competing Partnership
@SoandSo I own a landscaping firm and you have the most gorgeous flowers in town. Let’s talk!
The Offer to Help
@SoandSo Boy are we ready for pau hana too! It’s been one crazy week. Did you know @tikisgrill has an amazing sunset pau hana every Tuesday night?
Common Ground
@SoandSo I’m so excited to see the finished product too. You always have your ear to the ground. Have you heard when it’s going to launch?

Tweeps that kept the the conversation going!