4. Are you creating a space for sharing?

Do you allow people to post on your wall?
  • Open up your page and allow people to share. It will require moderation and be prepared to handle an occasional complaint, but let your audience share their enthusiasm for your brand
  • You can be selective, but share “Recent Posts by Others” up to your wall
  • Keep conversation going: invite those who are commenting to share a picture, a recipe, a favorite quote, favorite beach
  • Align the conversation with your brand

Example: If you’re a Tire store, you might say something about “treading lightly through the next full moon”

When do you ask people to share your sales posts?
  • You don’t if it’s 10% off, you do if it’s for the good of the community

Example: Can’t wait for the Blaisdell to be overflowing with fabulousity again this year! Had to go all 3 days just to carry the bargains  — oh, twist my arm. I’ll be in the dressing room so peek in and say hi. See you Thursday, September 19, 2013 as @GoodwillHawaii goes Glam!

  • Ask appropriate to the relationship.

Magic bean: Friendship first

Magic bean: Friendship first