Instagram New Stories Feature

Instagram Stories allows users to share personal happenings throughout their day. Since its launch, people have been sharing behind the scenes, daily happenings, and their unique personality.

Here’s how 4 brands of the Instagram business community are using Stories:

Taco Bell

Taco Bell initially used Instagram Stories to get community feedback. They asked their fans what content they would like to see on Taco Bell’s Story. Fans then replied via direct message and Taco Bell began releasing content that reflected their fans desires.

Taco Bell used Instagram Stories’ to quickly poll their most loyal and eager fans. While polls are an interesting use of the new feature, be sure to give your fans a reason to answer and to also provide quality, entertaining content so they have a reason to follow your story.


J.Crew used Instagram Stories to promote a limited time sale they were offering on sunglasses. The story showed several employees sporting the pink shades on a pink backdrop with the caption, “We’re having a PINK moment.”

Since Instagram Stories are only viewable for 24 hours, they make a great platform for advertising sales. Promoting limited time sales also gives your loyal fans a reason to check in often. They’ll never want to miss a great sale!


Mercedes-Benz recently did a story documenting the behind the scenes of a photo shoot promoting its Mercedes-AMG model. The story follows the camera team as they suffer the rainy weather in the German countryside but it also highlights the latest features of the new vehicle.

Using Instagram Stories to highlight your employees gives your audience a “behind the scenes” look at the company they love. This gives your audience a new appreciation for the work you do and the product you supply. It also provides a chance to show off your product in a “real-life” scenario.


Starbucks uses Instagram Stories to show off pictures of their latest beverages. Starbucks knows that showing their users just a glimpse of a cool iced coffee is enough to bring them in the door on a hot summer day or crisp winter’s night.

Sometimes all you need to do is show off your product. Plain and simple.

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