Businesses that nailed social media 

There is no “right” answer for every business on social media. Each business should make sure that they are following for example, Facebook insight reports, targeting their audience and monitoring where potential clients are the most active. With this out the way, let’s dive into three specific big companies who have nailed their recent social media marketing efforts. Take notes and try to draw some creative inspiration for your own strategy from these three big businesses doing social media the right way.

Keep Denny’s Strange

The average person has a strange perception of Denny’s, “America’s Diner,” or the unkempt step-child to IHOP. And they seem to play into this stereotype due to the nature of their social media posts.

Denny's unique post

Denny’s social media is different to say the least. Denny’s has been known to say whatever it wants on social media, whether the posts pertains to their products and the brand is irrelevant in the thoughts of their social media team. Denny’s posts are almost guaranteed to make you grin, laugh and ask yourself why?

Denny’s Twitter

Their content includes photos of menu items they serve with hilarious captions and share videos that don’t make much sense but you will find yourself captivated. Overall, the posts are silly and fun, and seem improvised rather than planned. Their style of posts appeals to their younger fan base and draws in a younger generation of customers and followers. They are always creative, keep their fans entertained and make sure to connect with their audience like college students and who those who follow like ESPN. As a business owner, make sure you partner with your alliances because you will both grow together, reach larger audiences and notice greater engagement.

Denny's social media post

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Oreo’s #OreoEclipse

At the beginning of 2015 the U.K. was set to witness its largest solar eclipse in 16 years. Oreo, like many in the U.K., had a feeling the dreary weather would keep people from seeing the eclipse, so Oreo’s U.K. team decided to create their own eclipse.

They created a ten-second time-lapse video of one piece of an Oreo eclipsing its counterpart. Oreo used real data to create the perfect trajectory, and posted the video on large digital billboards in London, made it trend on Twitter, and even had the eclipsed Oreo on the front page of London’s most read newspaper.

But this isn’t the first time Oreo’s delivered stellar social content to its viewers. For several years the cookie brand has consistently churned our fresh, relevant social media content that appeals to all ages. Their posts are not only fun, they are relevant to the time, partner with existing brands (cross marketing). So, don’t be afraid to be creative!

stellar social content example

Oreo promotional post

Netflix Knows Its Audience

Netflix has a very firm understanding of who their audience is. This might be due to the fact that the nature of their business gives them access to large amounts of data on its users, but regardless, Netflix is always using witty quotes from one of its own movies or funny gif’s that play on people’s own stereotypical perception of the video streaming brand, Netflix consistently puts out quality content that appeals to its primary audience. Netflix works to be relevant and fun in order to reach a larger audience portrayed on upcoming shows.

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